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the wind.

it's basically the same...

living too much from the ego...

or too much from the spirit...

you simply are never satisfied.

simply never whole.

always wanting more.

more money or more spirit.

the feeling is basically the same.

you're never really content.

there's something to be said for staying.

because the wind is always blowing.

After a while... ( part 2 )

After a while,

You start to wonder what it's all about.

You start to wonder

why you were always so worried.


why you were always trying so hard.


After a while,

you start to realize that life is really beautiful.

That the darker you feel, the lighter that you are meant to feel.

And that it's there to be felt. 

That nothing is actually dark,

and that endings blend into beginnings,

that there's Heaven before and after Hell,

and nothing ever really dies. 

 The Divine is actually always on our side.